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Golden Truffle Spirit

Golden Truffle Spirit

Golden Truffle Spirit

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Luxury, unique and Premium GOLDEN TRUFFLE Spirit where the powerful natural aroma of white truffles is perfectly blended with the soft aroma of acacia honey. Honey and natural aroma of White Truffle Tuber Magnatum define a very powerful structure of this excellent drink representing a rare example of strength, concentration and elegance. This unique drink is enriched with 24-Carat gold (E 175), which gives him the luxury it deserves. With its softness, GOLDEN TRUFFLE is very drinkable and is recommended for male and female character. One unique magical and luxurious delicacy and powerful aphrodisiac that may be a daydream. Premium and very rare genuine White Truffle and edible Gold, what else? Enjoy Life & Passion!


Spirit based on grape marc spirit and Liqueur (with Acacia Honey, white truffle "Tuber
Magnatum Pico" and 24 Carat Gold (E 175))
34% vol
Country of origin: Croatia, EU
Responsible food business operator: Tartufino GmbH, Webgasse 37/2/34, 1060 Vienna,