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Prepare Traditional or Exclusive Truffle Meals with Tartufino

With Tartufino products you can prepare simple and traditional but magic truffle meals or Haute Cuisine

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Truffles never cook up; just add to food grated or in the form of a thin label immediately before the end of cooking or before serving meals. The same is with Tartufino truffle products. Excellent agreement combined with pasta, eggs, rice, meat, fish and shellfish, cheese, and even salads and desserts. Or in short, truffles can be combined with almost all dishes.

Prepare Traditional or Exclusive Truffle Meals with Tartufino

Truffles are harmonious with the flavors in food enhancing and intensifying them. A steak with truffle sauce becomes meatier, eggs are transformed into a gourmet item, and every aspect of the meal becomes more satisfying.
A small quantity of grated truffles add to butter (or use butter with truffles), and use as a spread on hot or cold bread, (or toast), as well on top of roasted steaks, fish, potatoes, etc.
You may enjoy homemade chips served with Parmesan cheese, pepper and a few drops of extra virgin olive oil with truffles. Truffle oil add to the variety of cheeses, salads, as a cold appetizer. Without fail delicacy are snails with the truffle oil.
Truffles can add a sauce based on butter with which you pour over ravioli and pasta.

Prepare Traditional or Exclusive Truffle Meals with Tartufino

Stuffed chops pour gravy which you add butter truffles. For simple and quick meat dish pour steak sauce oil, truffles, dry red wine, braised onion, vinegar, thyme and salt. Roasted or poached fish can overflow with various sauces in which the addition of finely chopped black truffles.


Given that the truffle seasoning, there are thousands of recipes that this miraculous king of the kitchen makes for a memorable and we are here bring you some of them.

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