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Enjoy Life and Passion

From the ancient times truffles are well documented as one of the world’s finest natural and powerful aphrodisiac, which improves passion and life quality, arouse happiness and prolonged life. They are too among the world’s most healthy indulgences: truffles lowering the cholesterol level, improving the cardiovascular system, having a lot of vitamin B2 in the form of riboflavin and beta-glucan and having a lot of oligo-mineral elements. (It seems that truffles are precious medicaments, and should be refunded by the health insurance).

Passion is the force that drives us in every aspect of our lives. People can have passion for the people in their lives, for their jobs and for having fun. Passion is the most important ingredient for success and happiness. Using passion with your romantic partner is an important way to keep intimacy levels and relationship satisfaction high. Giving your partner special TARTUFINO truffle treatment to increase sensuality is a helpful way to let him know that you care about making him comfortable and appreciated.

Truffle The Myth of the Past - Tartufino

To conclude our passionate palette of truffle based products we have come up with a fine our original drinks - our unique Truffle spirits. They are our favourite to increase passion and life quality, especially GOLDEN TRUFFLE and HONEY TRUFFLE spirit. Here is the powerful aroma of white truffles perfectly blended with the soft aroma of honey and honey and white truffles define a very powerful structure of this excellent drink representing a rare example of strength, concentration, and elegance. As honey is also known as an finest aphrodisiac, we strongly recommended you these marvellous drinks in order to increase sensuality.

In order to live your life to the fullest discover our premium truffle products, and live life through your passion.

You cannot give up truffle. Treat yourself with a truffle, or make a gift giving TARTUFINO products to those you love most.