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Buzet - City of Truffles

Known as the City of Truffles, Buzet is the crown of Istria. Buzet has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The story of Buzet and its surrounding is laced with numerous legends about the great wars and the mighty rulers who have left their traces in the magnificent palaces, proud castles, ancient churches, strong walls and towers and stone inscriptions in the songs and stories of its people that have been passed on for hundreds of years.

Buzet - city of Truffles

Consequently, present-day Buzet is a confluence of many lovers of history, culinary experts and sports enthusiast. It is situated on a hill above the eternal green Mirna River, from which it overlooks hundreds of small stone town villages. It is surrounded by green hills, mysterious canyons, flower meadows and pastures, cold springs and rich life in the woods and preciousness in their soil. In fact, this is the magic territory of Istrian truffles, the buried treasures and culinary king of white and black pearls. This peculiar fungus with a specific taste is a trademark of Buzet and its surrounding area because it grows there, in the heart of its wet forests, and can be found only with the help of specially trained dogs. There are many species of truffles: Tuber Magnatum Pico or the precious white truffle (known as “Alba truffle” from Italy), Tuber Melanosporum or the precious black truffles (known as “Perigord truffle” from France) as well as Tuber Aestivum and Tuber Brumale, also known as Summer and Winter truffle. Each year in Buzet, in the second week of September a giant feast with truffles is organised with the biggest truffles Omelet in the World, made up of over 2013 eggs and white truffles, and cooked in a pan that is 2.5 meters in diameter. The event launches the Truffle Days in the region of Truffles.

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Buzet - city of Truffles