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About Tartufino

Truffle is a life style, it is personal and intimate pleasure, a feeling we share with the beloved ones. Truffle is the love for beauty, for refined flavours and always well - excepted gift. TARTUFINO is Family owned company established 2004. Our business inspiration comes from our passionate love for truffles and Istria. Through our gastronomic treats we wish to bring you closer to the world of fantastic flavours, scents, textures and colours. We want to give the opportunity to feel the charm of an aphrodisiac, and awaken then living force within.

The brightest star of our exclusive products, the white truffle Tuber Magnatum will enthral you even when you experience its taste for the first time. Meals prepared with TARTUFINO products will leave even those gourmands that are strongly critical, speechless. TARTUFINO truffles will turn any meal into a culinary masterpiece that will surprise and amaze your loved ones, your family, friends, business partners and your clients.

Truffle The Myth of the Past - Tartufino

We live with truffles every day, enjoy them, create them and explores with them. To conclude the palette of truffle - based products, we have come up with a fine our original drinks – Truffle Spirits. One of them is our unique Golden Truffle Spirit where the powerful aroma of truffles is perfectly blended with the soft aroma of acacia honey. Honey and white truffle Tuber Magnatum define a very powerful structure of this excellent drink representing a rare example of strength, concentration, and elegance. With standard premium line, our magical product come out as a golden edition, white truffles, honey, and 24 Carat Gold (E-175).

Golden Truffle Brandy - Tartufino

We have for years provided our customers worldwide with our premium truffle products. With Croatian entry in European Union, we decided to repeat history (come close to the Empress Maria Theresa, and then again put truffles on the Royal menu), and we opened TARTUFINO company in Vienna, Austria, very close to the Schönbrunn Palace, home of Maria Theresa, with the goal of a faster and more efficient service to our customers in Europe and around the world. In our factory in Buzet, Istria, we prepare our products every day and every day they are transported to Tartufino, Vienna, Austria, from where we send them fresh or fresh canned to our customers all over the world.


Golden Truffle Brandy - Tartufino

Fresh premium quality of our unique truffle products is our success and our goal is to continue to produce and market new and unique premium truffle products. Once you taste them, you will always want to return to them.

Enjoy life and passion.